Terms: Gun is exactly as shown in photos. (Serial number is covered.) Firearm appears exactly as you will receive it.


Payment: Credit Card (plastic in any form, shape or manner) is the quoted price.

We do not accept PAYPAL, in any form, shape, or manner. No discreet, indiscreet, overt, covert, infected, neglected, selected, inverted, perverted, gifts, parts or whatever other one can contrive or scheme there is out there to get around a Paypal's no firearms or related purchase.


$100 UPS Next Day Air
$50 for USPS Priority Mail.

(Discount 3% for Certified Funds.)


Please Note:

If you see the exact same gun, not similar, but EXACT, listed with another party, it is a SCAM. We post on many of the firearms forums as PT-Partners. This is an FFL Transaction, as PT-Partners is a retail/FFL Dealer. Sorry, no local pickups.


General Information:

FFL (Federal Firearms License) is required. Be prepared to obtain a copy of your local FFL holders license.

This is NOT a California Qualified Handgun, but I do ship to CA, if you check other auctions and something fits CA DOJ.



LIMITED trades accepted. Vintage quality Colts, New Production Series 70’s, 9mm Browning Hi Powers and, select S&W Revolvers will be considered.



Please email us if you have any questions.



Thanks all for viewing and best in your quest for the ultimate.

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